To sustain our Nutrition Program in perpetuity,  we are building the San Marcos Organic Hen Farm Cooperative – the village’s first large scale hen farm. 

We currently have 130 hens, and have begun supplementing eggs for our Nutrition Program with the eggs from our hens. The Farm will eventually sustain a flock of 1,000 hens and a small number of roosters, which will be used to hatch new chicks seasonally to maintain flock size.

Excess eggs from the Farm that are not donated to our Nutrition Program will be sold to the local community and businesses, and we project the Farm will become financially self-sustaining by January 2020.

The Farm will be run as a business that employs local women from San Marcos initially, and operate under a Partnership Agreement with San Marcos Foundation. We will provide training and mentorship for Farm employees, in order to eventually transition Farm operations and management into a women owned business co-operative. We anticipate this transition of ownership and management to take place over the first three years of Farm operations.