Other Programs

We support the community however we can, when we can, always with a focus on sustainability, education and nutrition. 

Internet for the Middle School 


We partnered with local municipal government and school officials to coordinate the installation of internet in the local middle school in 2017. The school – Instituto Mixto de Educacion Basica por Cooperativa (IMEBC) – servies roughly 125 students with a computer lab of 30 computers and the school office. We also provided funding to the middle school to supply the first year of internet from January 2017-November 2017.

Internet for the Elementary School Week 1 One Egg a Day

We partnered with the elementary school and other local groups in 2017 to sponsor a portion of the internet costs and help raise additional funds for the local elementary school with a population of roughly 400 students.

In 2018, SMF paid for internet for the elementary school as part of our ongoing larger partnership.

Land Grant for Agricultural Programs 


In 2017, we gave a plot of land to the local elementary school to use for the school’s agricultural training program and classes.  Agriculture is a critical employment opportunity for residents of San Marcos, and even young children are sometimes employed by local farms. In 2017, the rainy season (which extends from May-December) washed away the land the school was using for their agricultural classes, and the school approached SMF for assistance with securing additional land. The land is currently on loan for free.

Middle School Scholarships and Life Skills

Week 1 One Egg a Day (2)SMF plans to raise funds to offer scholarships for students to attend middle school. While elementary school in San Marcos is free of charge, the middle school costs $50 per student per year to attend, plus $25 for the school uniform. The total cost of $75 per student per year is prohibitively high for a majority of Mayan families, thus the attendance rates from elementary to middle school drop dramatically. The scholarship recipients will be required to attend a monthly life skills workshop teaching financial literacy, career explorations and empowerment.