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Only $37,700 feeds the public school 3+eggs/student/week FOREVER:

  • $3,192: Cost of eggs and misc. breakfast ingredients (remainder 2018).
  • $23,840: Cost to build the San Marcos Organic Hen Farm (chicken coops, storage structures, labor costs, water and feeding systems).
  • $1,312: Cost to acquire 870 chickens (we currently have 130 – once we have 1,000 hens, we will start hatching new chicks to make the flock self-sustaining).
  • $9,360: Cost to feed chickens in the first year.

Pathway to Sustainability:

Once we raise $37,700, the Farm will become ENTIRELY FINANCIALLY SELF-SUSTAINING through sales of eggs.  All subsequent profits will be reinvested in expanding the nutrition program and supporting the Agriculture & Financial Education workshops and fellowships

  • The Farm will yield  ~300,000 eggs / year.
  • Of these ~70,000 / year will be donated to feed the public elementary school.
  • The remainder will be sold to finance Farm and Program operations.

The San Marcos Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, EIN 82-2900294. All donations are tax deductible.