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Every animal that we sterilize cost us USD 50, please  donate and sponser an animal.


Un Huevo al Día is a Nutrition Program that gives 3+ eggs per week to students at the local elementary school, with the goal of READ MORE>>

Spaying or neutering pets and homeless animals around indigenous communities helps control disease and hunger, READ MORE>>

The dog feeding program is organized to help alleviate the problem of food shortages in indigenous shelters.

Accomplishments 2017 - 2022

Please feel free to read our page about the fulfillments of our goals! Yes we did it!


We support self-sustaining, community-led initiatives that empower underserved indigenous communities. We currently operate in the Solola state of Guatemala... READ MORE>>


The San Marcos Foundation was founded in 2017 by two passionate San Marcos community members who previously ... READ MORE>>


Our Board brings expertise from the nonprofit sector, education, health, technology and business. We are passionate about sustainable community... READ MORE>>


We meet communities where they are and support the positive social, cultural and natural landscapes that exist. We honor the dignity of every ... READ MORE>>