By partnering with local schools and educators, we are forging a sustainable solution to help end childhood malnutrition in San Marcos once and for all.

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Up to 70% of Mayan children in San Marcos la Laguna experience malnutrition.

This is higher than any country in the world. And worse than North Korea in the 1990's.

We believe the most effective way of accomplishing our mission is by nourishing, educating and creating opportunities for children - the next generation and future leaders of the community.

We currently run a Nutrition Program with the local elementary school, serving 385 students a meal each morning. We are also constructing the village’s first hen farm which will provide eggs to feed the students for years to come and serve as a teaching platform for Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and Financial Education.

What We Do

We create self-sustaining programs that empower indigenous communities.

Help us raise $37,700 to fund construction and first year of the San Marcos Organic Hen Farm, and feed the students of San Marcos in perpetuity!


Donate $20 – Buy 112 Breakfasts

Donate $50 – Buy 448 Breakfasts

Donate $100 – Buy 100 Chickens

Donate $250 – Feed 100 Chickens for 1 Year

Donate $350 – Provide 3,000 Breakfasts!

Donate $500 – Build One Chicken Coop for 350 Chickens (who produce 100,000 eggs/year!)