Amplify Your Impact: How to Be a Smart Donor This Holiday Season

It’s the season when people make the most charitable donations. Some suggest that 30% of all donations are made in December, with almost 12% donated in the last 3 days of the year!

By considering a few important factors, you can ensure your donation has the GREATEST IMPACT possible.

Before donating to an organization, consider:

  • How aligned are you with their mission?
  • How do you know they are accomplishing their mission?
  • How much of your donation is going to programs or offerings, versus overhead or fundraising costs?
  • What impact have they had in the past, and what impact do they measure and report?

The following are particularly important for community development organizations:

  • Do their programs address real community needs?
  • Do their programs “give a fish” or “teach to fish” – giving a handout or empowering, building capacity and creating opportunities?
  • Do their programs have a pathway to sustainability?

Finally, how much impact is created with your dollar? Are your donation dollars making the biggest impact they can for the mission you care about?

For example, $40,000 can:

  • Give a seeing eye dog to one blind person in the US, or
  • Give 8,000 blindness-curing surgeries to people in the developing world.

If you care about solving blindness, donating to the latter organization makes a larger impact. HAPPY GIVING!

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