Bringing ‘One Egg a Day’ to three new schools

When we heard the public school in San Marcos was hosting a multi-city teachers meeting, inviting teachers from all around Lake Atitlan, we jumped on the chance to meet with educators from other communities. Daisy, our Executive Director, spoke to over 200 teachers and administrators about One Egg a Day, and our vision for how to end the 70% child malnutrition … Continue reading Bringing ‘One Egg a Day’ to three new schools

Thank you, from Maria!

White bread and heavily-sugared coffee start the day for Maria, her husband, and the 9 kids and grandkids that live in their 2 bedroom house. . . when there’s money. With the expenses of feeding eleven mouths, and with 2 children traveling to another village for school, money and food are a constant worry for Maria and her family. Maria tells us what the One Egg a Day school nutrition program means to her.