What We Do

The San Marcos Foundation is dedicated to launching self-sustaining, community-led initiatives that transform under-served communities from surviving to thriving by uniting global development models with cross-cultural collaboration.

Objectives 2018-2020:

  1. Improving health outcomes for all children attending public schools
  2. Teaching financial education and increasing overall financial intelligence of the next generation
  3. Ensuring long term sustainability of our nutrition programs by constructing the village’s first local hen farm 


CAP – a division of Guatemala’s Ministry of Health – measures height and weight of students at Escuela Nacional in February 2018

Chicks - San Marcos Hen Farm
A batch of 100 chicks for the San Marcos Hen Farm which, once fully grown, will lay roughly 30,000 eggs per year.

Young students getting to learn about how to take care of baby chicks.