Cleanse for a Cause – Fundraiser Event

Boost your health & raise funds for One Egg a Day, to fight child malnutrition in Guatemala!

How it Works

    1. Sign up below to join.
    2. Raise money for One Egg a Day. Our goal is for each Cleanse Participant to raise at least $50. We’ll send you materials to spread the word.
    3. Complete the cleanse virtually on January 3-5, 2019, and enjoy improved health, vitality and organ function!

    4. About the Cleanse

      This 3 day cleanse involves two days of a modified diet (no consumption of fats) and a third day of partial fasting and drinking an Epsom Salt drink, which causes the “flush” effect. This cleanse is widely practiced in alternative health circles, with the goal of giving the gallbladder a rest period and then flushing out build up that may eventually cause gallstones. Especially after the months of fat-heavy holiday foods, your gallbladder and liver will thank you for this reset!

      Meet Your Gallbladder!

      Your gallbladder stores and regulates the release of bile, produced by the liver, into the small intestine to help digest fats. It also drains waste products from the liver. When it’s overworked, or not functioning well, it can create gallstones – painful deposits of crystallized bile that can block bile ducts and often lead to elective gallbladder removal surgery.

      Who is at risk for Gallstones?

      • Women are three times more likely to develop gallstones
      • Mexican Americans and Native Americans are at higher risk than other populations
      • Older people are more likely to develop gallstones – 25-30% of people over age 50 will develop gallstones
      • People who are obese or who have a family history of gallstones are more likely to develop gallstones

      What are the Consequences?

      • About 80% of people who have gallstones will need surgery.
      • If left untreated, gallstones can be deadly.
      • Typical treatment is gallstone removal surgery, which can cause lifelong digestive problems and digestive distress.

      Gallbladder removal surgery is unfortunately common. . .

      Remove the gallbladder?! And you lose the ability to store bile and regulate it’s release. Instead, bile constantly flows from your liver to small intestine. You likely won’t have enough bile to comfortably digest fats, and your body will be producing excess bile when you don’t eat fats.


      Please check with your doctor or health professional before completing this cleanse. This cleanse is NOT for individuals under age 18, pregnant women or nursing mothers, people who are ill or taking certain medications, or those who suspect they currently have an obstructed bile duct or gallstones. Make sure you are able to tolerate Magnesium Sulfate / Epsom Salt before attempting this cleanse.