Daisy Shlakman

Daisy arrived in San Marcos La Laguna in early 2000 while taking a year off from her career as a fourth grade teacher. She took a one-month course at Las Piramides Meditation Center and had a spiritual awakening that changed her life. Within a few months she made this incredible village her home. She spent almost two decades getting to know the customs and traditions of the indigenous Mayan people.

Daisy began serving the local population on her own through informal English lessons, micro-loans, cross-cultural dialogue and sharing information and resources. For five years she worked with a U.S. 501(c)3 operating in San Marcos that served a small group of the community. She believes that success is only possible through uniting all stakeholders – community leaders, government, NGO’s, local programs and individuals – around a shared vision and goals. She now splits her time between Guatemala and the USA and lives her life with gratitude for all that is.

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